The key to a better employee experience.

As the modern workplace, skill needs, and technology all change before employees’ very eyes, employees are looking to their employers for more support, more guidance, and more benefits. Employee health and your entire benefits program are critical to the employee experience and essential for improving the quality of life for your employees and equipping them to do great work for your organization.

To accomplish this, you need to maximize your investment in employee health management. To see where you can optimize spend, reduce costs, and maximize your plans to improve health outcomes, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest data and trends in employee health. What are other organizations struggling with, and how does your organization measure up? What should you be prepared for?

To help answer these questions, this report draws on data from the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform of over 2,500 organizations that our team of Health Strategists explored to uncover emergent trends and critical insights. Through this exploration, we identified trends in mental health, chronic physical conditions, and opioid abuse. Our hope is that this report provides you with actionable intelligence to consider as you lead your organization’s health benefits strategy in 2020.

Download the Full Health Trends Report for 2020 HERE.