If your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is not functioning properly it can lead to enrollment mistakes, delays in coverage, and needless frustration. Often overlooked, an underutilized or improper HRIS setup can cause some of the biggest pain points in your benefits administration.

At EONE Benefit Solutions (EONE), we take the time to review your current HRIS setup to ensure each system is functioning to its highest level to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays. We aim to improve the user experience in 3 ways:


1.) Establish File Feeds

If your current HRIS setup does not automatically transfer data directly to the provider when an employee enrolls in a plan or makes changes to their benefits, there may be room for improvement. At EONE we will help to establish file feeds for all benefits (both employer-paid and voluntary). After eliminating the manual enrollment entry processes, your HR Team and plan participants will experience a more streamlined benefits administration process by cutting out extra steps.


2.) Employee Self Service

In today’s high-paced work environment employees should be able to manage all their benefits selections online. Whether it is a life event change or adding a new dependent, your system should be accessible and convenient. EONE will ensure you get the most functionality out of your HRIS setup, eliminating the need for paper forms.


3.) Open Enrollment Timing

Do you struggle every year to get your HRIS ready for Open Enrollment? At EONE we can help by preparing your systems for the most important time of year. We provide the updated rates and plan details to the HRIS vendor to take some of the heavy lifting off the HR team. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition each year so you have time to focus on marketing and communicating the upcoming Open Enrollment to your employees and their dependents.

If your Open Enrollment is a source of frustration or falls short year after year, contact EONE Benefit Solutions today to find out how we can help improve your HRIS setup functionality.