Controlling Costs and Empowering Our Clients

EONE’s leading health analytics software platform provides pinpoint accuracy to improve health, contain costs and measure results.


Track Plan Performance

Real-time insights allow you to spend more time impacting health costs and outcomes, and less time on reporting

Plan Design Modeling

Set your team up for success with insurance programs that utilize analytic insights for better results

Forecast Benefit Budget Levels

Get insight into claims data to accurately forecast spending while measuring the impact of individual health interventions

Biometric Data Integration

Custom health tests can integrate with claims data to ensure ROI on wellness programs

Population Health Management

Get a better look at the overall health of your organization through our collection of onsite clinic data, biometric screening, medical claims and more

Data Mining Capabilities

Utilize data mining for key business cases in the clinical, financial and operational environments

Identify immediate savings opportunities, engage the right members and predict future spending.

EONE’s Health Intelligence Platform

Our data analytics platform attacks healthcare costs from every angle. Our analysts can import historical medical and pharmacy claims data to compare with current claims and provide a complete historical picture of the entire employee population.

Our Approach

EONE’s platform also has predictive modeling intelligence. This helps analyze current claims and predict future costs based on prognosis and diagnosis. Drill down specific populations to manage risk, set rates appropriately and set your budget in advance with complete accuracy.

EONE's Health Intelligence Platform

We deliver insights that uncover opportunities for engagement, interventions and cost-reducing strategies for your population


We provide the ability to drill down by disease state, member type and more to target cost drivers and promote better engagement


With better data we can engage with “at risk” members before they become large-cost claimants


Get a better look at the future by modeling plans and program recommendations with a higher degree of certainty