Employee Advocacy

At EONE, we work directly with members to help them navigate today’s complex healthcare system. Whether it’s a denied claim, a billing error, or a simple explanation of benefits, the value of in-house advocacy sometimes isn’t obvious until you find yourself in a helpless situation. Here are some plan members EONE has gone to BAT for:

EONE BAT Team Testimonials

The BAT team responded within minutes of me calling. Our company had just changed insurance carriers for Open Enrollment.  I hadn’t received my card in the mail. They spoke to doctors office and emailed card right away. Quick and efficient!

Judy, 28
(Financial Management Services)

My child had a serious medical condition. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t make sense of the bills. I reached out to The BAT team who compared my bills to EOBs and was able to explain what I owed. The comfort in knowing there is someone to assist with this is beyond measure.

Mary, 36
(Adult Daycare Provider)

The rep I spoke with went above and beyond! We were in the hospital and dealing with the emotional chaos. She was able to remove us from the conversation and deal with the billing office. She made an extremely tough situation so much easier on us.

Carlos, 33
(Commercial Real Estate)

I’ve been confused about the pre-deductible copay for various specialist visits this year. I would pay some amount, then the amount might be adjusted later or it might not be and I don’t really understand the circumstances. Jackie Cavey was very generous in helping me after I had a hospital visit and faced a lot of medical bills. It turns out I had been paying full price for those medical services when I didn’t need to be doing so, and she got me some of my money back, which has been a lifesaver!

Kevin, 40
(Government Contractor)

The EONE BAT team is dedicated to providing assistance and answers to every employee’s day-to-day questions on their group health and welfare benefits. Employees simply reach out to our team when they have an issue and we take it from there.

Contact EONE today to learn more about our BAT Team and the many ways we can make life easier for your plan members.